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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, December 19 2007, 22:29:07 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>I don't think these people have learned anything...I think they took it all in stride, because in reality it cost them nothing, and are back with the same doofus claims they had ten years ago fifty years ago and a hundred years ago...they do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.
>The slick and ejicated ones, like Michael Youash, don't talk about a country or an Assyria any longer...they want instead an "a self-administered zone"...and an "autonomous region"..and if you look those words up, just to see if you know what the hell you're talking about, both of them have the word "government" in their definitions and those defintions have to do with inddependence, self-rule and everything else a country is all who are they trying to kid?
>It's that same old bottomless pit they've been dropping themselves into all along...just the words have been shuffled and an atempt made to get what is essentially a country, without using that word. This is "politics" and "diplomacy"? if the people they are making these demands to are as stupid as they seem to want to act? Or are?
>I think like all super-patriots they care about what they want, not what they claim is for the sake of some other and needy people. These religio-nationalists just can't get it through their heads that you don't get a country or a zone by ASKING..if that worked the Kurds wouldn't have been fighting, I mean the real stuff, and dying in wars against Iraq from the day it cut loose from Turkey. They are hopelessly Christian and think by asking and spinning cheeks they're going to get something...and, just to show how much they didn't learn: they've run out of people to ask, no one in BetNahrain will give them anything...they saw, for now, that America wasn't their friend and that Britain was what it always now they want to DEMAND of who? The United Nations approved this war against the people of Iraq..they expect a hearing from THEM? Why? because they're Christians? You mean Christians have never killed Chritians or stood by while they got killed?
>So now some idiot at screechassyria says they MUST demand from European nations....which ones? The ones who joined in the slaughter of Iraq and its "indigenous rights?'
>In truth they don't know how to get, or how to beg or from whom...all they know is that they must "fight", whatever that means, because Isaiah expects them to.
>They're cut from the same cloth; a shroud they're getting set, again, to lay over what remains of their people in Iraq...this is not "doing"..this is "asking for it".

I just wish we had more of you and Dr John Joseph; we would definetely get things done then. Until then it's gonna be the way it is. Self made "leaders" who want to rule over a bus full of people and compete with one another. If you disagree with any of their decisions, you're a "sell out". I just would like to know where on this earth there is a nation or an entire ethnic group which all agree on every subject down to the tiniest detail. I was reading on another forum how they were saying that "we need to unite with "Suryoye, Chaldeans, Maronites, and Assyrians" and I am just wondering what would they achieve then? even if they were united with the above sects, what difference would that make or who would be intimidated by them. At another place they were talking about "Farid Parhad" and telling everyone to stay away from his forum and I am just wondering why would some one who is confident and cock sure about everything scare others away from coming on this forum. Why not just come here and see for themselves and find out if he is "anti Assyrian" or whatever else they say of him? The same thing was said about me a few years ago. Every one including my own sieblings were being warned not to talk or listen to anything I say regarding Islam, politics or anything else, and I all I can ask is the same question, what is the fear?

I don't fear hearing some one else hell I don't even fear my opponents if they were coming to fight me so why fear words or another point of view. But of course, only when a person is weak at what he/she is doing will he/she avoid serious talk or another view or opinion. That is exactly what is the problem with these so called nationalists. Fred Aprim nearly receives a heart attack if he hears Christians having had good things in Iraq. He only wants to hear bad things so he can keep doing what he loves to do. But I know he is full of it and he is weak as hell even at what he does. The clown is only good for using sophisticated words and terms, yet he don't even know their meanings.

Take care and as always keep up the battle, InshaAllah.


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