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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, March 21 2011, 5:29:55 (UTC)
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The Persian New Year (Noruz... spelling differs) begins with the old Zoroastrian ritual of jumping over a (small) bonfire the Wednesday before the New Year. The celebration continues up until around April 1st (or 13 days after the first of Spring) in which all over L.A. - or anywhere with a significant Iranian population - fill the parks to celebrate with food, music, folk dances, etc.

While explaining Kha'b Nisan to my Iranian friend, I got an intersesting response: "So that's where Kourosh (Cyrus) and the ancient Persians got it from: the Assyrians."

They got much more than Noruz from the ancient Assyrians, I told him. Just look at all the ancient Persian art and you'll find many similarities to Assyrian art which preceded that of the Persians.

(I hope I wasn't talkin' out of my diza.)


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