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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 1 2016, 14:52:22 (UTC)
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...the kind of rage exhibited in the murders points to either a personal relationship gone horribly wrong or, a drug related payoff.

...OJ and his wife had been divorced or separated for a few years and both of them had been dating and involved with other partners, so jealousy wasn't a likely motive....the waiter friend couldn't have been the first man in her life after OJ. We have seen such horrific violence done in failed drug deals....the guy was said to deal drugs....maybe "they" caught up with him at the wrong time....innocent people, even children, have been butchered alongside the actual targets many times...the murderer might even have been stoked up on drugs hisself and just went crazy.

...the likelihood that OJ would have murdered two people, one of whom was the mother of his children, in such a brutal manner within feet of his sleeping children is hard to accept...unless you are a racist who needs to believe that this is exactly what a Black father WOULD do.

..and, it was only through sheer accident that a recording surfaced which discredited Mark Furhman, the cop who said he found the bloody glove, which turned out not to be OJ's wasn't so much that on this recording Fuhrman used the word "nigger" several times, when under oath he had sworn he never was the other part caught on tape which caused him to cave under threat of cross-examination by Cochran...and that was the question, never actually put to him..."Detective, did you ever plant evidence at a crime scene before"?

..when the prosecution found out their star witness had said, on a recording, that he had planted evidence in some cases, they advised Furhman to take the Fifth and refuse to testify when he'd been an eager beaver till that moment...and why would they want to muzzle their, up to then, star witness? Because he would have to admit he had done so and that would uncover the fact that more than likely he had planted a bloody glove on OJ's property...a glove he didn't think would not fit OJ when the time came in court...usually LA cops got away with such tricks because most if not all Black defendants were too poor to afford decent lawyers.

...then there is the blood the first months of the case when the prosecution was presenting its case they made much of the "damning" blood evidence on OJ's car and a sock and the was only when it was the turn of the defense that it was known that a vial of OJ's blood taken by the police had inexplicably been removed from the evidence lab and keot for a week by another detective and that when it was returned there was less blood in it than when it was first drawn.

...they also made much of the Bruno Magli bloody "footprints" on his wife's back...and a photo was found of the underside of OJ's shoe, a Bruno Magli, which suggested the pattern of the sole was the same...aHA! PROOF.

...only later, when the defense started, did several medical examiners say that the mottled patterns on the wife's back were commonly the result of "blood pooling" which occurs naturally after death...and, of course, the defense got numbers for how many Bruno Magli shoes had been sold in LA...a whole lot.

..people's secret racism was excited by that trial, as it was by Obama's Mitch McConnel said the day after Obama was sworn, the Repubs would do EVERYTHING they could to get" Obama, which in this case meant, not framing him for murder, but blocking and obstructing him in every way in order to "kill" his the same way whites were eager to believe ANYTHING that could make OJ appear guilty....and to this day.

..even more telling is the fact that when LA police called him in Chicago and told him of the murders and their need to interview him, he immediately flew back and against the vigorous protests of his lawyers agreed to be interviewed WITHOUT his lawyers present and before they could prepare him, which, it turned out was a big, big mistake...but also shows either reckless bravado or trusting innocence. Because of his early celebrity status, and by design, OJ was never really a part of the typical Black experience, or community...he hung out with whites, with Massa....because he could, because he was ALLOWED. Maybe he was eager to forget that he himself was BLACK and what that meant in terms of dealing with the cops. the time it dawned on OJ that he really was in trouble and the LA cops were convinced he'd done it, he took off with his fake beard and cash to make a run for Mexico...a little late and slow on the uptake.

There is an interesting phenomenon at work on the psychology of Black people regarding their position in racist America...I'm only guessing, but intelligently I think.

Although I can never know just what it feels like to be told, and by your parents no less, that you are considered inferior, an animal,sub-human and DESERVE all the filth heaped on you...I can imagine how it could feel...and what a tremendous burden it is to carry around every moment of your life..and how you would LOVE to forget it or put it aside for even ten minutes and be free from such injustice and self-loathing which must come with being actively loathed.

So long as there was no Civil Rights legislation or changes to discrimination and segregation laws all Blacks were viewed and treated the same horrible way...there was no escape for any of them, unless they could "pass"...but the vast majority all shared this common reaction to their skin color.

But that changed and soon Blacks, with the protection of Federal Law, could get into places they were never allowed became easier for Blacks to PRETEND they were actually accepted, that people looked beyond their skin color and treated them as "equals"...except, not really. This "tolerance" had been forced at the point of a Federal gun and was mightily resented, sometimes secretly and sometimes not ...but it became possible, at least, for Blacks to fool themselves, and you can't blame them for wanting desperately to believe that now they were equal and free of the taint of their skin...which is why you find Repub Blacks and even Trump supporters and FOX commentators who talk and act and desperately want to believe that those bad days are over. And if you are that easily fooled, or that desperate to believe you are not hated, you're not going to be too bright anyway, which is why these kinds of self-deluding Blacks tend to all be neo-cons...if you're one kind of fool, it's easy to fool you some more.

But it's understandable....what a relief it would be to Blacks if racism really WAS over and done with....who wouldn't want to put that burden down....trouble is those Blacks who act as if racism doesn't exist are being fooled, willingly, but they are being fooled and worse, fooling themselves...even that has been forced upon them by whites.


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