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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, June 20 2011, 3:55:57 (UTC)
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I agree. It's not like those racists will come out and say they only hate Islam but they pretend to dislike all religions when it is clear that only Muslims get the worse of it. Just look at them when they appear on those western TV shows and how they are all cozy and loving with the pastors etc. Hitchens is pretty nice to pastors and Christians while he is very respectful when he disagrees with them. Now he is more loud when he isn't sharing the stage but it is only with Islam where that nasty side comes out every time. One has to wonder if maybe a Pakistani or an Arab or maybe a Nigerian fucked his wife so that he is pissed at Muslims and Islam.

It's obvious to me that it is Islam they really hate and don't mind attacking. Harris is a Jew at least by origin yet he doesn't mind Christians at all even though they have persecuted his people for 2,000 years. Muslims have committed no holocausts and he is afraid of a few bearded men who are fighting against imperialism and against a giant like the US? It's like rich White people and how they all stop and stare when someone like me or a Black man goes into their neighborhood. We can't help to stick out like a sore thumb but they also freak out when they see just one of us. Harris is the same way with Muslims and so are his buddies. They are afraid of a minority of people who have been driven to their knees and have decided to fight back with whatever they can and sometimes they even use their own bodies to get the job done.

Sacrificing your own body in a battle is nothing new nor something Muslims invented. If Harris is so obsessed with sacrificing ones self in battle, he should watch animal network and see how an adult zebra throws itself in the way of a lion so that the little one can survive. If animals can do that, why is it strange for humans?


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