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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, December 8 2010, 23:04:39 (UTC)
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Iraq was far more tolerant than America. Iraq has no history of segregation or stopping people from speaking their language. Sure Arabic is the national language of Iraq but other languages are recognized and allowed to be spoken. The Iraqi constitution recognized Assyrian, Armenian, Kurdish etc all as languages spoken in Iraq. Assyrians never went through what Black people went through in America. White people have taken racism to a different level and nobody comes close to their racial practices. In India there are Black skinned and brown skinned people of the same descent and the racism didn't start between them until after the British arrived. They poisoned their minds the same way they got light skinned Black and dark skin Black to have enmity between one another.

I remember being denied entrance into night clubs in Germany because of not being White. This wasn't 60 years ago but still practices today and there is nothinga nyone can do about it because it's the right of the club owner. In America, they no longer have to say "white only" because a Black man won't go into a redneck bar anyway because the people will discriminate. I remember going with this Assyrian white wannabe ass hole to a billiard spot that is owned by whites and we sat there for 30 minutes while the waiter never served us but went to the rest. I didn't catch on until the Assyrian ass hole said they racist and the owner told her not to serve us. But Assyrians worship white people and won't take this as silly but it be a different story if Arabs did this. No, Iraqis never done this to us but only Whites have done this all over the world.


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