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Re: One Islamic Jihad on Virgins
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 20:02:15 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Pancho wrote :
>" .. I mean when you have to make such a fool of yourself "
>REPLY >>>
>Well, if you have time to fool yourself for years , why MUNCHO doesn't have that time at least for a short period ?

..if I were out to fool myself, and others..I would do as your Christian forums do by fooling people into believing they have a forum. I would write down all sorts of elaborate rules on a home page until people believed there really was the kind of freedom you have here to call me a fool and write whatever you want to challenge the posts you diasagree with...if I was a fool wanting to fool people I wouldn't allow them complete freedom to show how foolish I am.

..Instead we post no rules because there aren't any...we don't protect anyone or attack anyone...we merely express our opinions and don't hesitate to criticize pious Christian cant as well as provide facts and other more scholaraly opinions about your claims. And when you find yourselves in the unusual position of having to make it on your own, with no moderator protecting get angry and start insulting us instead...but since no one gets insulted here...we keep coming back and coming back..and you keep running and running and repeating and repeating until all you're left with is to call us names and try to make fun of what we write, since you can't address us honestly, openly and on the do what all of your kind do; you argue personalities thinking to change the subject and save yourselves.

...and you fail all over again.

..if I am a fool, show me where I am. Don't just say it...that's what a fool does. If I say you are foolish for believing something or claiming something, I won't end there...I'll bring evidence to show you are wrong AND argue from that evidence. I won't just post it.

...all you manage to do is be slightly clever....and then stop.


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