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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, November 24 2010, 8:52:48 (UTC)
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Krishnamurti said it is difficult to be healthy in a sick world. We live in a "concrete jungle" where thieves are elevated as "successful men"; and kindness is for fools and weaklings. I never forget when a white man dropped his dirty dollar on the ground and when I went to get it for him, he almost crushed my hand, as if I was trying to take his filthy dollar. That's when I realised that in the mind's eyes of some (or many) white Americans I'll always be seen as a "sandnigger" or a "haji". I find myself more and more alienated (by choice) from human beings. I love my cat "Sonny", my books, my weed, and I forgot what else...: )

Marcel Georgio Malik

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