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Re: Open letter to Julian Assange from wikileaks
Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Wednesday, July 28 2010, 11:59:01 (UTC)
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Hi Fred,

ahteist wrote:
>...I just happened to read wikileaks this morning for the first time...of course I agree with you...but it takes a rare patriot, in the true sense of the word, to blow the whistle for real on his own country...but I donīt think the world will ever be set free until the people free themselves...itīs every personīs love of cheap gas that gets BP and the rest rushing to fill our needs...and itīs our own greed and selfishness, coupled with our intellectual laziness that makes us fall for this bullshit time and again...because itīs OUR bullshit...we just look forsomeone else to implement it for us.

## I am in now way putting Julian down. What I'm stating is that he's obivously being anipulated and used by the Obama administration. When he took power there were clearly vested interests who wouldn't allow him to chnage track with his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So he's obviously followed in the same style as the Pentagon paprs and tried to discredit the hawks and push public opinion to support a withdrawal from Afghnaistan. Afghanistan was lways a long shot. It was merely an attempt to control a choke point that would allow the US access to the former USSR's black gold reserves in the Caspian sea.

It was no where near being secure or was oil from the Caspian near ready to be controlled by the USs administartion.

These wikileaks signify a shift in the war. Afghanustan has been abandoned by Obama due to the ever increasing cost. I wish I could say the same for Iraq. but Iraq and the entire Middle East although having cost the US billions still aren't near costly enough to forc the US to leave and foreit the $462 billion they earn annualy by tying their US petrodollar to black gold.

No the Obama administration has clerly signalled that they want to bail out of Afghanistan an d decided to leak these fiels to Assange. You can tll the way they have not once mentioned any covert US military infilitration of Al Qaeda by US special ops and the radicalisation of Al Qaeda through the targeting of innocent civilians - the same tactics to stop the insurgency in Iraq.

They have deliberately sacrificed junior officers and grunts but not one cable mentions and high level commanders and their actions and crimes in these illegal wars.

We're being lied to and manipulated again.

Now if Obama frees the US military from the Afghan quagmire they'll turn their attention to Iraq and an attack on Iran.

Just wait and see.


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