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Posted by ahteist (Guest) - Wednesday, July 28 2010, 16:05:48 (UTC)
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...all true, but so long as private banks, through fractional reserve bullshit, and national banks who hold a monopoly oin loaning money to governments, continue to do business as usual, any country, any government, will fall under the same diure needs to pay back impossible loans.

There is no inherent evil in the people of the United States, Israel, Iraq oranywhere else....and I doŽnŽt think Left or Right is the problem or the solution and ultimately neither is any better system of making money appear from nowhere...but if governments weŽrenŽt forced to start out by going into debt to private banks, many many things in a society could change for the better.

Hitler was right about banks...he was wrong to make it an ethnic/religious thing....the greatest bankers in the world are Christian, not Jewish...except for the Rothshields...and that was a fluke, a direct result of both anti-semitism and the Catholic rule against usury...but Christians got wise and soon took over.

Wecould create a better world, economically, which imporves every other physical requirement,except that the bankers would be bereft of their game.


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