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Re: Open letter to Julian Assange from wikileaks
Posted by ahteist (Guest) - Monday, July 26 2010, 20:03:47 (UTC)
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...I just happened to read wikileaks this morning for the first time...of course I agree with you...but it takes a rare patriot, in the true sense of the word, to blow the whistle for real on his own country...but I donīt think the world will ever be set free until the people free themselves...itīs every personīs love of cheap gas that gets BP and the rest rushing to fill our needs...and itīs our own greed and selfishness, coupled with our intellectual laziness that makes us fall for this bullshit time and again...because itīs OUR bullshit...we just look forsomeone else to implement it for us.

The only caveat I have is that with enough mal-education and stress, any child can be brought to ruination by his or her adult years...and then we blame them, when increasingly, less and less children have the chance to grow up sane and with a good idea for what makes mental as well as ecological health.

So, it is partly our own fault...but weīre also in the grips of a destructive machine process that churns out damaged human beans who havenīt the vaguest notion of what to do about much of anything.

Bush went to war for us, for American business-ienterets, which every American is convinced are watching out for his welfare by "providing jobs" for one thing...and keeping us safe from "creeping euro-socialism" well as from all those darkies out there who are "jealous" of what we have...what have we?

We believe that as more millionaires and billionaires get wealthier, we will all prosper...all ships will rise together etc. This bit of fluff has become almost second nature to naturally they want their billionaires to succeed and just as naturally they donīt much care how they do it.


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