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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Wednesday, July 28 2010, 13:45:58 (UTC)
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I blame all this on the utter failure of the Left.

Sure we heard "no blood for oil" slogans during our protests but that was as close as they got to explaijing these illegal wars.

The truth is the US is the world banker having tied its dollar to gold reserves at Fort Knox before defaulting in 1971 and adopting Kissinger's petrodollar recycling plan that alowed the Middle Eastern OPEC nations to nationalise their oil companies provided they remained denominated in US dollars and were recycled into US banks and allowed the US to borrow endlessly and achieve economic and military supremacy.

Meanwhile Fort srael ws called upon in th 70s to guard Middle Eastern black gold reserves and ensure they remain denominated in US dollars. As paymet fo being the US lacky and helping secure $462 billion in 2004 lon th US throws Israel between $3-4 billion a year and hides behind the anti-Semitic "Jews control the world" myth and propagate the Holocaut Industry that began in the 70s.

We need Iran and Turkey to unite support Iraq and form a Middle Eastern Economic Community selling all oil in a common currency such as the gulfo or the dinar. On that day the US empire is finished and we can start issuing indictments for the war criminals that have spent the last 40 years murdering and killing their way through our homelands.

atheist wrote:
>...I donīt doubt anything you seems to me that much of our history is tied into the fact that our banking system and how we create money is at the root of all of this. Our government, and those of other western nations, are tied hand foot to private banking interests, including national banks, in our case the Federal Reserve. This whole concpet of "not enough money" is a sham and a hoax and all the fancy and complex bullshit spun by shills and economic witch doctors canīt hide the fact that every single nation sooner or later owes banks their just took longer for western nations to arrive at bankruptcy.
>Where money comes from and how itīs created out of thin air and by whom is closer to the crux of what makes this world go around...even more than oil...


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