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Re: Open letter to Julian Assange from wikileaks
Posted by atheist (Guest) - Wednesday, July 28 2010, 12:30:49 (UTC)
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...I donīt doubt anything you seems to me that much of our history is tied into the fact that our banking system and how we create money is at the root of all of this. Our government, and those of other western nations, are tied hand foot to private banking interests, including national banks, in our case the Federal Reserve. This whole concpet of "not enough money" is a sham and a hoax and all the fancy and complex bullshit spun by shills and economic witch doctors canīt hide the fact that every single nation sooner or later owes banks their just took longer for western nations to arrive at bankruptcy.

Where money comes from and how itīs created out of thin air and by whom is closer to the crux of what makes this world go around...even more than oil...


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