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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Thursday, July 29 2010, 8:27:41 (UTC)
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Yes but you're missing the point I am trying to make.
The US is an empire being an empire it has a grand srategy.
After WW2 its economic and military supremacy rested on 80% of the world's gold which it acquired from the bankrupt European empires.

We then had this period between 1945 and 1971 when the US allowed the third world to liberate themselves provided they remained tied to a US controlled economic order.

It was only after Vitenam and the utter bankrupting of the US Governmen that they turned to Kissinger who along with the participants in the Bilderberg meetings devised the ingenious petrodollar recycling plan which effectively switched the US from being a gold backed dollar to a black gold backed dollar.

They then used Israel and the Arabs to increase oil prices by 400% and then they ensured that oil remained denominated in US dollars and hence had no choice but to be invested in US banks. Then using fractional reserve banking the Federal reserve was able to borrow 9 times more than is deposited allowing the US to maintain economic and therefore military supremacy.

So it's not exactly a corporate controlled government. The US government is in fact behaving like a bank and holding onto its black gold reserves to pevent a run on its bank (Iraq) and n some instance even attempting to expand its black gold reserves (Afghanistan). The companies are meely acting as shareholders to the US banker benefiting from the opportunities it presents them.


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