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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, May 14 2015, 15:58:13 (UTC)
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"Hitchens (still honor and respect his brilliance) said that while some atheists say they would LIKE to believe, if only there was good evidence, he said he was glad there was no evidence and would NOT wish it to be true that there were gods, or a god, watching us and judging us and demanding love from us, at the price of damning us for eternity...that to wish this to be true is to wish to be a slave...and that may be the reason religion is so valued by leaders...because it produces slaves, but "free" slaves...who think their slavery leads to their ultimate some weird way. That while you are right to despise being enslaved to any human bean or government, you should be ecstatic at the idea of being god's slave....which only means the most total and abject slavery of all...a slavery from which there is no escape, ever...for eternity."

-- Yes, I agree. Here's one of my favorite Hitchens quotes:

"Religion is the outcome of unresolved contradictions in the material world. If you make the assumption that it's man-made then very few things are mysterious to you: It would be obvious to you why there are so many religions; You will understand why it is that religion has been such a disappointment to our species - that despite innumerable revivals, innumerable attempts again to preach the truth, innumerable attempts to convert the heathen, innumerable attempts to send missionaries all around the world - that the same problems remain with us. That nothing is resolved by this. If all religions died out, or were admitted to be false, all of our problems would be exactly what they are now: How do we live with one another? Where, indeed, do morals and ethics come from? What are our duties to one another? How shall we build the just city? How shall we practice love? All these questions would remain exactly the same. Emancipate yourself from the idea of a celestial dictatorship and you've taken the first step to becoming free."

Christopher Hitchens vs. William Lane Craig, 04/04/2009

"Floating above the earth and watching these strange creatures you see, basically...Marx enter the sweatshop factories with an offer to allow the huge masses of powerless workers the chance to control, or help determine, their means of production and livelihood, health and safety etc.....and they refuse. Not only do they refuse but they get hysterical, go apeshit, get the vapors, and turn on anything and anyone who tries to get them even a little justice...why? Because Communism is "Jewish"? Because Communism dumps Jesus?"

-- This is absolutely true. When I was reading a comment thread on a Russian site (RT, I think), I kept coming across the same comment in one variation or another, that the Russian Revolution was "a Jewish war on god and Christianity". Then someone replied that if that was the case, it was because "god was a celestial fascist, and Christians, HIS brown shirts doing god's work: killing Jews and communists". It immediately reminded of Hitchens.


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