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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, April 11 2008, 16:05:06 (CEST)
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Jumblat wrote:
>Pancho , you are a liar ,because our brother AssyrianMuslim this is what he said :
>" Thanks for the link but you went and quoted me something from the Bahai and that's like me quoting the kkk for you. I just simply asked you for one verse from the Quran where it refers to Arabs as God's favorite people or they have a special status just for being Arab. Thanks brother but i will wait again. If you don't mind, please post the verse on here instead of some link to something else bring the Quranic verse along with the translation for those who do not know how to read the Arabic so that way they can compare and see."
>And , now show me where he is asking for more PROOF ? I gave him sorah of Al-3umran , verse 110 ,from the KORAN/QUR'AN , WHICH IT SAYS VERY CLEAR THAT , " YOU ARE( ARAB) THE BEST NATION SURFACED( INTRODUCED ) TO THE HUMAN BEINGS " and that is crystal clear.

...YOU said you had many more examples...I asked you to show them to us...just like YOU said you had examples where Muslims forced Christians to convert..or murdered Christians JUST for being make these wild-assed claims of having proof and I merely ask you to SHOW US!
>In concluding, I AM ANSWERING him NOT YOU PANCHO !

...this is a forum, not a private message board. Will you people NEVER learn the meaning of English words? A forum is a public marketplace of ideas...when you open a stall in a public market you do so to seek business from want everyone to sample your wares and buy...and you willingly expose yourself to customers who may haggle, argue, disagree with your prices or claims of having good products...when you write here you're addressing everybody who reads here...and anybody who reads here can comment on your's up to you to produce good products, not us to buy whatever you're offering at your estimation of its value.

...if you offer crap at this market you're going to hear about it. We aren't going to "politely" buy your shoddy goods.


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