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Re: Pancho I think you are living in a state of DENIAL
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, December 1 2007, 6:44:38 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>No matter what I will say that will fly out of your ears, if you do have ears.
>It is ironic that you live in a state of DENIAL to whatever I said or others say, if that is your way of handling things, then I WILL DENY WHATEVER YOU SAY and now on may be I entertained you for a while, but now on doesn't worth any efforts dealing with you or that the so-called AssyrianMuslim.
>The bottom line, it is Crystal clear that you are in the arena alone defending Islam and Arabism and fighting your shadow , so I personally will leave you in that vicious circle spinning until you fall down !

Can you point to any historical event which he has denied? what has he denied? You say he has denied what you say, but my friend you are missing the point clearly. If I were to say things and make statements, wouldn't question me on where I got it from? So, you say Muslims and Islam has done all these awful things to Assyrians, yet you have no evidence whatsoever. You mention about what some one said or wrote but the bottom line is that the only rare incidents in which any Assyrians were killed came as a result of our actions. If they really wanted us dead, why didn't they kill more than just 300 people? Why would they welcome the Christian Nestorian refugees to Iraq if they hated them? Why and how did the Chaldeans manage to survive and prosper for almost 1,400 years under Muslims? these facts testify to your bogus claims and they contradict you people. So, he is not defending "Arabism" nor Islam but simply stating facts and truth. Since you people can't handle Pancho, you want to ban or delete yourselves as an excuse of calling him a "waste of time" or "ignorant". Why don't you produce your evidence to prove him wrong if you are truthful? Is a simple task and you are making it difficult on yourself. There is gotta be something you can show us since our people lived in "fear" and were "persecuted" according to you, yet you have nothing to show us or prove to us but what you, Fred Aprim and the other hatemongers like us to believe.

So, since he refuses to cooperate with your nazi like ideas, you call him names and spread lies and rumors about him. We do not live in a state oof "denial" but that can be fairly said about you folks. You want to believe and tell the whole world that you have been so tortured and hurt for centuries yet the only harm that came to us came from people like you. We are not anti Assyrian or pro Arab but we are here to get it straight. I have no reason to support Arabism or any form of nationalism. I am not a member of any party nor do I follow politics as I once did. I am simply standing up to the lies that I been hearing all my life from people like you and now I have seen and learned for myself. I have been to Iraq, I know many Assyrians of Iraq and they almost all left because of war and not persecution for their religion or ethnicity. Yes Some Assyrians of the Hakkari region left for the west over a 100 years ago but it due to our alliance with the west which resulted in the 1915 tragedy.

If you feel that you are wasting your time, that is your choice but we are not denying truth or facts but exposing you people. Why don't change your screwed up tactics and stop being so prejudice? why do you people want there to be division, and so called "persecution"? is that what keeps you guys in business? telling lies and fabricating stories which never existed or twisting around historical events and try to make a case of "genocide" and demand an independent state. You people can't even tolerate an oppopsing view or even organize a dance party yet you want a nation? and what nation one that hides under "Assyria" but is nothing more than a fanatical "Christian" state such as those Europe had for centuries? Get real man and work toward achieving a unified Iraq in which all Iraqis regardless of language, tribe or religion can suceed and prosper. What is so bad about doing that? Why is it that the majority of Christians of Iraq were part of every day Iraqi society and lived together unharmed and it is a bus load of people like you and Aprim who want to screw things up for the majority?

I thought you were lovers of "peace" and "love" but you people arre behaving like snakes who are ready to strike. Sad people for real but you are only hurting yourselves and no one else. My challenge has always been opn to any Assyrian who would like to have a dialogue and prove me wrong and PANCHO has made his points too. His works have not been refuted by you people and all you bring is your opinion or junk which the Assyrian church fabricates. No real scholarly works or facts. Just opinion and quotes from Fred Aprim and the rest of your racist circle.


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