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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, November 27 2011, 19:44:55 (UTC)
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I'm familiar with these findings... they're bullshit.

Arrow, Sand claims that the same group of researchers who's data was used in his book "The Invention...", when met with fierce backlash, turned their findings upside down to serve and quell the anger of Jewish lobbyists.

I'm not a geneticist or a scientist, but let's say an Assyrian writes a book smashing all kinds of myths about modern Assyrians, what do you think will happen to him? You think he'll be discredited? You think he'll be labeled a "traitor"?

And the researchers who came up with the data which undermines what Jews believe themselves to be, do you think these mostly Jewish reasearchers will ever get funding for further projects from other Jews? No, they'll be blacklisted.

And since you never been to the US or have ever experienced living here, you think the Jew York Times, the same paper that cheerleaded the war on Iraq based on a pack of lies, where now babies in Fallujah are born twisted and deformed, will not chearlead a war on Sand in a sophisticated manner, and use all sort of scientific data, to defame him? And how interesitng that the researchers are Jews (Dr. Atzmon, Orster, Behar)..


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