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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 19:14:41 (CET)
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"Whenever they know someone is speaking sense or truthfully, since they obviously can't refute the statements, they attempt to find something in the message or in one's writing to take out of context or twist around."

..when I started on these forums years ago, believing that I was dealing with "assyrians" who were "christians" too, I was shocked to receive replies to posts about history or politics which sidestepped the issues to call my mother a whore...or my father a sodomite. Even my children were dragged into it. After some time I realized this was their way of scaring away decent people unwilling to engage in this sort of "debate". That was when I decided to go them one better. If they thought such degrading words aimed at my family were going to get rid of me, they had another thing coming. Of course the moderators removed my posts only, leaving the insulting ones up there. These are the kinds of dirty underhanded things they do which have worked for them here and there...but not here. There isn't one of these heroes who would dare meet you face to face...and they know it.


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