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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 9:00:22 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>...I'm not any of them. It's as absurd to call me a "lover" of Islam as to call me a "hater" of Christianity...or a lover or hater of Judaism. I don't like bullies, I don't like liars, especially weasely ones and I can't stand pious frauds.

My brother, without you having to write this beautiful message, I could read between the lines and realize that you do not hate Christians or Jesus. However, when a person is looking for trouble, it is always convenient to take a statement out of context. I mean after all, one does not have to go far to look for trouble but it can find you just around the corner. This I have noticed with our so called nationalists and these angry fanatics. Whenever they know someone is speaking sense or truthfully, since they obviously can't refute the statements, they attempt to find something in the message or in one's writing to take out of context or twist around. As you have seen this monkey(muncho) do on here, the clown hasn't had anything to say except call ppl by names and continue undressing himself. I am glad you still clarified your position so that way those honest readers who would like to know what this site is really about and about your views they can just read for themselves.

>...anyone hovering over the earth witnessing the last 2500 years of our history would conclude that Christianity has been the greatest scourge the people of this planet have known. This is especially true in the last five hundred years and the violence has only been accelerating. Christians think to distract us from seeing this by mentioning Jesus every time they can. But Jesus has nothing to do with the religion the Roman Empire made from his corpse. In discussing Christianity I give no thought to Jesus Christ at all because he would have spit on the religion which has used him and his simple message.

In case you haven't noticed, that is why I try the best I can to always specify that any remarks that I make toward a Christian or Christianity have nothing to do with Jesus(pbuh) or his authentic teachings. As you may very well be aware already but it is an article of belief for all Muslims to believe and accept all of the messengers and prophets of God whether mentioned by name in the Quran or not. So Jesus is to us very important and we feel it a blasphemy when we see or hear the things being done by some Christians in his name. There is a whole differen't side to the Jesus of reality and history and the ones these modern Christians claim to follow or worshipp. of course, there are some who don't know any better, who are good hearted, sincere and only follow what they were exposed to, but it is clear that we do not wish to hurt their feelings nor do we attack Jesus when we make any statements regarding Christianity.

>...Christians have put evangelism in the mouth of Jesus...they have given themselves the mission of "saving" the world....of taking his "message" to everyone under the sun. Along with this self-appointed mission comes the attitude that anyone who says "no thank you", must be Evil and as such deserves, even requires, to be killed. You see them doing it again with their "Axis of Evil"...once they level that term against you there isn't anything brutal, heinous or sadistic they can't do to you...or your children.

Yes sir, if you ever get a hold of the RSV Bible(1952 version, which was the first revised version of modern times), you will be shocked after reading the footnotes, comments and preface of the book. The version was carried out by 32 Christian Bible scholars of the highest eminence who were backed by a committe representing 50 cooperating denominations. They had for the first time access to the "most ancient Bible manuscripts"(those dating from about the 4th and 5th centuries ce) and they revealed some shocking things. One of those shocking revelations was the verse in the New Testament in the book of Mark(16:8) in which Jesus(pbuh) is reported to have ordered his disciples to go and preach the gospels to all nations. Well, unfortunately, the last 12 verses including the one about convering people were tossed out as fabrications by the 1952 RSV scholars and they were forced to put them back in because a couple of denominations began protesting that it was bad for business. The NRSV version and a few more honest Bible versions have the verses still in their books but they have it written in the footnotes that the verses "do not exist" in the most ancient manuscripts nor are they known to any "ancient witnesses". So, they been playing with their book from the start andd have fabricated words into the mouth of Jesus(pbuh).

>..This is the secret of the power of the concept of Evil: because whereas you only execute a criminal, you give yourself license to kill the children, wife and parents of an "evil" person...because he or she is so much MORE than just criminal....his crimes are crimes against yahwe...and we already know that bloody god never thinks twice about condemning and killing babies...if they come from evil stock.

They still believe that God had destroyed the whole world during the flood of Noha(pbuh) and all of mankind. Maybe that explains their actions.

> became a ritual...a sacrament, almost, of Christianity to put to death anyone who denies their religion. They almost have to, because it's a rejection of what THEY claim Jesus told them to can't win with these people, you can only lose. There is no legitimate way to refuse to be swayed by them because that very act of refusal is the SIGN that you are Evil and deserve one form or another.

With all due respect to the kind hearted Christians and this is admitted by many sincere and honest Christians(whom the rest call "traitors") but Christianity was only able to succeed through force and violence. Not in self defense but I mean by going around converting people by the sword and even killing other Christians as "heretics". If it were not for forced conversions in the past, persecution, pressure and intimidation, they would have barely had a few members. Even today one can witness how they are only able to gain a few converts from time to time in poorer 3rd world countries by using money, poverty, or school systems to hope to succeed. The rest are either born into a Christian family or switch denominations. For the most part it is almost unheard of to see a person just accept Christianity by doing research with an open mind. As you have beautifully said it and better than I could ever have said it. Islam does not allow such acts to convert people. The Islamic concept is based on allowing access to the truth of Islam to be available and allow people to research it for themselves and compare to see where the truth lies. If a person chooses to accept Islam, it is by the will of God anyways and things don't stop there but it continues from there for life. If a person refuses, his/her rights are still protected and granted under Islamic sharia. There is no need to go forcing people by the sword and that is non existend among the great Islamic empire of the past. It seems that some angry Christians have missed the point or are intentionally ignoring the facts but the Islamic armies of the past did not go to different parts of the world killing, persecutiong and forcefully convert people but it rather went to to free people and offer a new civilization and system to live and prosper under. But "free choice" was always the key to it all.

>Jews and Muslims don't evangelize...Muslims believe that true Christians will eventually see the more recent truths of Islam and come to it naturally...and it kills them that this is exactly what happened when the Arabs came to BetNahrain. Hence they've had to invent all these horror stories about mass killings of Christians who refused Islam..or forced conversion to Islam and the death of "thousands" of martyrs.

Yes indeed, they confuse the coming of the Arabs in the 7th century ce with an "invasion" to wipe out the inhabitants of Mesopotamia. They find it shocking and are angered by the fact that the majority of the inhabitants accepted Islam by choice and were attracted to it.

>None of it countless scholars from the West have testified over and over. In fact, the only killing for religion and forced conversions were practised by Christians..and this too is well attested to by Christian historians. It's only one of their many pious frauds that leads Christians to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.

As you have pointed out earlier, Muslims had all the time and power to have gotten rid of the few Nestorians if that was their intention. It didn't take but a couple of decades for Muslims to defeat the 2 greeat powers of the time period. That is like Iraq today defeating the Americans and the Chinese. That is exactly what the Muslims did in just a few years, and how long would it have taken to get rid of the Nestorians and Syriacs? I say a few weeks or months at most. 1,400 years later, and here there are still alive and prosperous but only now claiming to be "oppressed" and cry "genocide".

>The greatest real genocide and one true Holocaust was committed by Christians against Jews...their second one may well be under way already, against Islam this time. Christians are the most intolerant people, as a religious group, the world has ever seen. Even cannibals co-existed better than Christians do...and not only do they murder others by the millions...but they have been most bloody to their own kind. The Romans never persecuted Christians like they did when they themselves became Christians. It's something if you stop to think that the Romans were more tolerant as pagans than as Christians.
>Even the suffering today over the theft of Palestinian lands to make an Israel can be attributed to Christian hatred and prejudice. Muslims and Jews lived side by side in peace for centuries with Jews attaining wealth and status in Muslim lands..even serving in high posts of government while among Christians they were treated with the utmost brutality and degradation.
>The story of the Jews is a tremendous example of the depth and resiliency of the human spirit...something to cause pride in every human heart...Jews have achieved amazing things, contributing to the advancement of humanity far in excess of their numbers and under such oppression as no other people have suffered over so long a period of time. And yet, the creation of the state of Israel was a crime...a crime against the Palestinians who'd done not a damn thing to European Jews.
>And who was behind this but Christians again? The deal was made by Christians who hadn't the time they needed to kill every Jew they could get their bloody hands they extended their "Final Solution" to creating a ghetto in Palestine, for the Jews of Europe who survived. And it is THIS crime, a compounding of the crimes they committed against Jews, that has fueled the violence and unrest in the MidEast down to today. This has not been a Muslim/Jewish thing, but a Christian thing all extension of the violence they brought to Jews for centuries, now moved to Plaestine where Muslim and Jew have been made enemies by they hope to make Sunni and Shi'aa enemies in Iraq.
>This is the most pernicious religion ever...and like any Mafia famiglia it too can produce that one Ivy League nephew who became a distract the public from all the thugs and hoodlums who make up the bulk of the family tree...down to its roots.
>This is a religion founded on murder...based on murder...whose greatest "gift" comes through murder; a murder which all Christians must accept a part in..because they get to enjoy the "loot"..which is: eternal life. So that ONLY through crime does a Christian arrive at heaven...only by becoming an "accesory after the fact" , that is: agreeing to get the benefits and rewards that can ONLY come from murdering an innocent victim, Jesus, can they enter "paradise" It is a paradise of no virgins, it is true...but it is filled with accomplices to the murder of Jesus and countless other innocent people, in whose blood they still bathe today.
>Who else but Christians hangs miniature instruments of torture and murder around the necks of their small children...teaching them to kneel down and pray to the Cross...had Jesus been electrocuted, rosy-cheeked children over the Christian world would be bowing down and rejoicing in front of the electric chair; they'd have miniature gas chambers done in gold dangling from gold chains round their necks...had Jesus been hanged parents would give their children gifts of golden hangman's nooses which they could kiss and pray to...bowing down before a gibbet or guillotine...or any other instrument of death and torture...which is all the holy cross is.
>This is sickness, not religion...not a healthy one anyway. You can't teach children to participate in cannibalistic rituals, where human flesh and human blood is on the can't think to make it okay by telling them it's only "symbollic"...what the fuck kind of symbollism is THAT? Is this something to teach to young minds?
>But the worst of all is to teach them that they are NOT bloody opportunists for agreeing to the murder of Jesus as a way for THEM to benefit. No other religion on earth teaches its young children what are in reality crimes as "religion". On earth, under human law, what Christians teach is illegal, it is is is bloody and violent and corrupts children and warps their minds.
>I don't hate Jesus...but I can see the effects of the religion made of his teachings...his teachings which are used as a fig leaf to cover the brutal and naked agression of this Imperial Roman Religion.
>It is the RELIGION that has to be exposed and debunked of its self-serving mythology. There aren't enough good deeds done by good nuns or priests...charitable donations handed out by a multi-trillion dollar international conglomeret which has enjoyed tax-free revenues for nearly 1,500 years...there isn't a "good" Christian whose admittedly good deeds can make up for the vastly greater damage this religion has trailed in its wake.
>There's no need to bring any violence to bear against Christians or their religion for that is merely adopting their own tactics and morals...but we should never be ashamed in speaking out about the truth of what's been done in its name and listing its crimes one by one. If we do it honestly we'll be doing Jesus a great favor by showing that this religion has merely stolen and used his good name, much as our people have stolen and misused the good name of the Assyrians. That's all we ask; the chance to tell the truth about this religion's ACTS...let them peddle their brochures all they want to...all we want is to tell the truth about Christianity.

Beautifully written and I agree with what you wrote and keep up the battle as always. May the blessings of God be upon you InshaAllah and may he keep you healthy and strong and produce more of your kind, Ameen.


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