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Re: Racism Alve and well in America
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, December 13 2011, 20:16:36 (UTC)
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This campaign of hate is also in full force from the racist, stretched-faced, monstrous Pamella Geller, an Muslim-hating Jew from southern Califoria, who, along with other right-wing Jews and Zio-Christians, have set forth a propaganda wave of disinformation, using blackmail Jewish guilt, and other underhanded means, to spread fear into the psyche of most Americans regarding Muslims, in general. Geller, and another Americnan Jew, Robert Spencer, were qutoted verbatim in the Norway terrorist's manifesto. It's time to break the the fear factor of getting strong-armed by these folks. Tariq Ali made a great point in one of his recent talks in Oakland, by first referring to Finkelstein, a son of survivors, who states in his controversial book, "The Holocaust Industry", that the Israelis and their supporters use the awful and horrendous experiences of the European Jews during the war (to which his parents were a part, and survived) as a weapon to attack any one who dares speak out and challenge the illegal crimes of the Israeli state against the indigenous Palestinians. Ali points out that in the same 20th century, in which 6 million Jews were visciously liqiudated, 20 million Congolese were also murdered due to Belgian colonialism. Why, he asks, is a Jewish life more important than that of a Congolese... or that of a Palestinian? It's time time to break the taboo in challenging the Jewish victimhood status for life.


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