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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, March 1 2008, 22:07:26 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>...this is Maggie's response to a most reasonable post regarding the recent Khoshaba have to remember this is a woman who is a secretary in Modesto...who eats out often...who will never amount to anything as an "Assyrian"...who will never run a Parliament...levy taxes on "her people", run a militia, sew uniforms for them...or anything. And I mean that literally...she will never do ANYTHING about the things she claims are most dear to her heart....except talk in grandiose terms about what she is "going to do". The only thing she WILL do is create bad blood between those of us who actually live in Kurdistan and the Kurdish government....that's the extent of her "action"...her words, like all the rest of them, are pretty enough, if you care little about substance. But hear her tell it.
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>Re: Kurds And Assyrians
>Posted By: Maggie Yonan
>Date: Saturday, 1 March 2008, at 12:13 p.m.
>In Response To: Re: Kurds And Assyrians (YAN)
>"I don't know much about Mr. Johnny Khoshaba's case. All I know is that, he praised the KRG authorities. He said he was not hurt nor harmed during and after the interrogation that he went through."
>Johnny had no choice but to praise the KRG, because his release is conditional. That means they can kill at any time should he not say nice things about them. Capiche?

They said the same thing about that priest who was praising Saddam Husein in Zakho, and they were saying that he was speaking out of fear, but someone with a little brain came out and remembered that the priest had no reason to fear Saddam in Zakho which was protected by Kurds and the Northern no fly zone. So the same thing with this Khoshaba guy. Why is it so impossible for Kurds to have regular jails and prisons, aren't we living in 2008 now and not 1708? If she doesent know about the case, why speak on it then and possibly look like a fool as they always do with everything else like that Fouad Deniz and others?

>"As far as other subjects concern, I am content that in modern time, Kurds of Iraq have been very good to the Assyrians and other minorities."
>Can you give us some examples of this Kurdish kindness to the Assyrians? I mean besides confiscating their lands, raping them, murdering them, and oppressing them politically, culturally, linguistically, and ethnically, and forming a so-called Kurdistan on their homeland.

They have alowed Assyrians to migrate there from Baghdad and all over the world. They allow them to preserve their culture, they are allowed to shake their behind to Linda Gorge music while people in Baghdad are killed, and they are given the rights that all others are entitled to. Where have they gone wrong? As for the rape, and other accusations, those claims are bogus and in most cases fabricated. However, there are always crazy people outhere and even Kurds have been targeted by criminals and thugs. You are your own enemy.

>"Kurds have not been nor are an obstacle in your way if you are able to achieve your rights peacefully or by force."
>Oh yes they are, in every way that counts.
>"But frankly, from what I realize, Assyrians are weak from different angles. They don't have the ability or the necessary ingredients to enable them fight their enemy on the ground."
>That will change someday. Because they will realize being good Christians and turning the other cheeck has cost them their lives and their country.
>"Unfortunatgely, they are little in number and scattered among many countries."
>So are the Kurds. Afterall, there are not more than 2 million Kurds in northern Iraq, and the tides will turn someday, when our own Arab allies devour you for being greedy, ruthless, and troublesome to Iraq.

It's funny how you people try to speak out of your desires and wish to believe it's true. Whether the Kurds only have 2 million or not is not important, but they have achieved what they want and I believe they are more than 2 million and most important of all they have the courage, heart and desire to do it. This is something you all couldn't achieve if the Kurds went away.

>"Their weakness is from within. Their house is weaker than the web-house of a spider. Some may dislike my words, but this is the core of reality. One has to look before he leap. Falling into big mistake might cost too dear."
>No matter what the cost, we will someday wipe you off the face of Ashur land.

Sounds real Christian, but then again this is your true face which you people love to hide behind the "love your enemy and let him screw your wife bullshit" which some Church leaders fabricated into the mouth of their "lord Jesus Christ".

>"People living in the triangle of Nineveh Plain are keen to have their areas linked adminstratively to the Kurdistan Autonomous Region."
>Did you ask these people or are you just reiterating the Kurdish propaganda?

As of right now the area is known as Kurdistan and they are in charge of it by law whether anyone likes it or not.

>"For this reason, Kurds push for a referendum to be held to see if the people there would like to be linked to KRG. If results come out positively, much of your dreams will come true."
>The day the Nineveh Plains is attached to the so-called KRG, is the begining of our nightmare, and since we know this, we will do everything in our power to stop it. Tell the Kurds to stick their referendum where the sun don't shine, and you go there with it.

You are your own nightmare and all of the "3,3 million Assyrians" which you claim to have including their pets could not achieve what the Kurds are achieving now. They didn't do it by crying and fanricating stories every month or living in California, but they did with hard work and put up a fight. They are to many and too much to ignore, but you say they are only 2 million.

>"The recent Turkish assaults on Kurdistan failed to give the Turks the fruit they expected. They lost many lives plus a gunship Helicopter. Kurds say only five of their Peshmergas killed."
>Keep dreaming! Turkey removed the hornet's nest that is the PKK. It never intended to hurt civilians. If the PKK and the rest of the Kurds were not such liars, they wouldn't say they only lost 5 peshmergas. It is a known fact that Kurds lie with a smile on their face, so why would anyone believe anything that comes out of their mouth, when the leading newspapers reported that humdreds of PKK were killed by Turkey?

Actually, the battle is not over yet but the Kurds definetky won as of right now. The Kurdish Peshmerga forces are mountain warriors and they have a reputation for it. The Turkish soldiers were not able to fight them with troops and doing it with air strikes won't help either because it would cause civilian casualties. So they didn't achieve their goal for now.

>"Showqunnokh pshena Khon"
>La peshit b'shena ya Kurdy broon Qurdaya.
>...once again; if you deviate slightly from the positon of X, Y or are a traitor and not a REAL Assyrian....this is the main reason they are all so small and insignificant and why it's meaningless to call for unity...they actually despise unity...conformity is what they mean. Politica is the art of compromise and they'll never do that...why should they? Hells bells they're only why not be "steadfast" and "uncompromising"? None of it MEANS anything; none of it has to translate into ACTION in the REAL world...since it's all a fairy take why NOT keep it "pure"?
>It's interesting to see Maggie being rather insulting, by her own standards, to this fellow...when she made a great to-do about banning insults. More than likely what will happen now is that this fellow wil be banned soon...before he can reply in a similar manner...this will convince people that he was so blown away by Maggie's forceful ideas and manly stance that he doesn't know WHAT to Maggie can be seen as "brilliant" and "unanswerable". It's an old game of their's.

Oh yeah, the poor guy is history and she will try to appear to have gotten rid of him. It must be nice to look good by having your own forum and instead of refuting your opponent you ban him. Real Assyrian but this is the way it works on all their web sites and forum. Trust me I know. It is a common old Assyrian thing, but too bad that they call themselves descendants of ancients because they are an embarrassment to them.


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