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Re: Rex Tillerson Grilled Over Question Of Christians In Middle East
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, January 16 2017, 12:46:36 (UTC)
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-- On the subject of Iran both Repubs and Dems have been paid by various groups to take the U.S. to war with the mullahs. The "Mojaheds", aka Mujahedeen e Khalq Organization (MKO, or MEK) had paid enough U.S. politicians (like Repubs, Guiliani and John Bolton; or Dems, Howard Dean and Wesley Clark) to be taken off the Terror List. And as far as the candidates go (or went), the only politician to NOT show up at the annual (anal) AIPAC ass-kissing convention... was little old, Jewish Bernie Sanders. Lady MacDeath (Clinton) was funded by Israeli-American producer and billionaire and so-called "liberal", Haim Saban, who's said numerous times that he's a one-issue guy. His one issue being Israel. On the other side, "The Donald" got a $25 billion gift from right wing hawk and scumbag billionaire casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, who was quoted to say that his wish is for us (the U.S.) to drop one nuclear bomb in the desert (he thinks Iran is akin to the artificial desert studio sets of all the Orientalist depictions of Southwest Asia in Hollywood pictures, e.g., "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"), and the next bomb to target the people of Iran... all 80 million. And the mullahs hit back with their own bullshit threats about "the gates of hell shall open if Israel... blah blah blah". They have plenty of money, safe places and bunkers to save their own, old multi-millionaire and billionaire asses. They would not give a shit if half of the Iranian people were killed by the West. It would make great PR for the them use against the "evil Zionists", whom they see as the major force in running world affairs. Apparently, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" has been translated into Farsi, too.

Jeffrey wrote:
>If Hillary won, we would be bombing Iran right now. With the insane, rich, asshole in office instead (and his apparent fanboi status with Putin) there's a chance we won't bomb Iran. This is NOT why I voted third party, but I just wanted you to know that a) my single vote didn't change the election, although I wish it would have, and b) there are a few tiny items where insane billionaire might actually be better than Hillary.
>Just saying ...
>- Jeff
>pancho wrote:
>>...after the Dems lost the South through their civil rights legislation the Repubs adopted their Southern Strategy of racist innuendo with which they won many a political battle....the Dems countered by becoming more and more like the Repubs, pushing the Repubs further and further to the Right and the fringe of hysteria....and it worked for Bill Clinton and later Obama( who were both really liberal Republicans)...which left the Repubs no choice but to pose as the populist Billionaire saviors of the common (white) man...a topsy turvey world if there ever was one....Repubs always embraced their core of nuts while Dems went after the center, ignoring their own core...till Bernie, who would have beaten them all if the Dems hadn't insisted on Hillary....the Dems got just what they deserved and so did the rest of us...Trump, in the long run, will be better by far for the Dems (maybe) than Hillary would have been.....go Jeff!!!!


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