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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, November 26 2011, 7:13:13 (UTC)
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Website title: the early 70s I took a bunch of jubilent delinquents camping north of Seattle. I was a volunteer investigator with the Seattle Public Defenders, juvenile division....took about 25 of them out of jail and into the woods for the summer. While I was gone for a few days to the city on business, one staffer told me some hare krishnas found us in the trees and camped down next to us chanting for food...said they believed if they chanted all would come their way....I was furious to learn we had actually fed them, as a way to shut them up...I would have chased them away with a brick.

,,,there is nothing more ludicrous than Americans, raised as they are, adopting the outer trappings of eastern religions.


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