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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, November 26 2011, 4:46:12 (UTC)
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I was watching Martin Scorsese's film, "Living in a Material World", about George Harrison the other week. A good film, that is, if you like Scorsese or Harrison.

There was a scene toward the end when Harrison's widow was recalling the night a crazed youngster broke into their home and attacked George. She said George was at the top of the stairs "chanting" that the intruder would go away, and then, the intruder was on top of him choking him to death. I like the Beatles and Gerorge, but what the fuck! Chanting?

A friend of mine who travels to India often and thinks he's a Hindu, and another girl I know who is a Krishna devotee, believe that those who are sick and poor are that way because of their past lives and karma, and that if they chant, they can cure themselves of their ailment and economic distress. I'm not kidding..


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