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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, November 26 2011, 9:45:43 (UTC)
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that is true because I asked an Indian about their beliefs and he told me they believe in reincarnation and one will be reborn as something or someone different each time. If you're poor, blind, etc, that's like their version of hell. I wonder what it means if one is born a roach. Must be a punishment. Then there is a common understanding that Hindus worship many and many gods, but it turns out to be the same god who is born(reincarnates) and appears over many different period of times, and in all different forms. So he may come as a man, woman, bull, chicken, ant,etc.

Religion is stupid argument because the believer claims to have his evidence which is nothing but books written long time ago. He has faith, yet mistakes it for proof, and when you start asking and persist in the dialogue he will become upset with you. One has to be fed this stuff from birth in order to believe it, and then there are always the usual arguments. The two biggest arguments or defensive strategies for the religious are: it teaches morality, and helps people to be happy. But there are people who get happy from smoking crack also so why don't we let them do that? If one needs to believe there is someone watching your every move and that's the only way the person stays in line, then I think that's an issue. How were people able to know not to steal, murder, rape or bang someone's wife before there were religions? Christians act as if there were no such things as mercy, love, forgiveness, honesty, etc, before Jesus arrived. For them to justify their beliefs, they must feel guilty and say "I am bad and not capable of being good." They don't realize they contradict themselves when they insist that everyone must life like Christ, yet then they say nobody is perfect but Jesus because he is supposed to be a god to them. If nobody is perfect, and not capable of being good, why even try? They tell you that god loves you, but then he throws you in hell.

He hates the devil, yet he created him. He hates sins, yet he created sin. He hates so many things yet he created them. Everything is preordained, yet people still pray. I have found the ones weapon to use against any religious person who believes there is all-knowing and perfect god, and I just use that contradiction against them, and it makes them humble down a bit, but they still usually tell me "god bless you." I got a text from an old friend the other night and he tells me he met this girl he wants to marry so he asks me to pray for him. I text him back and went off at him. It's like some people just don't understand when you tell them that you're done. Why would he need me to pray if everything is the will of god and he ordained everything? Is he gonna change it because of Rashad?

Those who are weaker and can't defend their beliefs well say it's better to have faith than not to because "what if you die and turns out there was a god?" I tell them that he should fear me and better hope not to run into me. I don't have to avoid him, but if he exists the way religions teach us, then he better watch the fuck out because Rashad coming for his ass.


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