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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, July 9 2014, 18:59:33 (UTC)
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...most interesting, although I have to say every so often I am reminded that they are talking about nothing...I mean when Aslan talks about theology as if it were is REAL that people might believe the earth is flat...but that doesn't MAKE the earth flat. I can accept studying flat-earthers as some weird throw-back, but with any sense that there is something to their beliefs....religion is nonsense, it may be worthwhile to study the nonsense that it is...but it gets boring's like studying stupid people and the depth and breadth of their stupid beliefs; a little goes a long way.

...his political views were more interesting....turns out, as we know, that it was Constantine, the first official Christian who killed people, Christian people, for refusing to adopt his Nicean can always count on Christians to try to smear others with their own dirt.

thanks for that.


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