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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 21:52:26 (UTC)
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Exactly. He is basing his idea on "hope" people wouldn't be turned away. What you think he means when he says we should do business people, trade and without regulating the business market. This benefits him as an investor and others like him. He is probably a racist too but wouldn't come out and say it. He would instead just do things which would harm the poor and other ethnic groups. You wouldn't be able to get any kind of assistance at all and no matter how hard one works. In a way it would be cool to see him get elected just because he would really bring change and a whole different kind from what we seen of Obama and the likes.

The people who support him are racist White people and many of them are poor. It is strange that a people of such class could be so foolish to go against their own interests, but they must not mind being poor and living in a toilet as long as they see this country remain White majority.


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