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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 19:35:44 (UTC)
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I agree...Libertarians just seems like a nicer way to say "fuck people"....I know he insists that people will take over government functions and care for their neighbors like maybe we like to think they used to do...but not in the kinds of cultures we have today and not with millions and millions of people living on top of each other...besides which we ARE the government...we, the people, merely appoint representatives to do OUR work...with the money WE give's just that rich people have bought us out....and what Paul would do is make that the law of the people owning us all with us hoping they will "care for us"...I'd rather PAY people to do my bidding than to wait around for charity from others, even from rich people...Reagan made government unfashionable, but what he was really attacking was the PEOPLE, the people's government...he wanted it to be a rich people's government of the few controlling the many...the very opposite of Democracy.

And his dweeby son let the cat out of the bag when he declared, last week, that he thought people should be deported or put in jail for going to hear speeches HE didn't approve that an example of small government?

What these guys want is small or no government for THEM ,but lots of oppressive and intrusive government for the rest of us.


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