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Re: Rula Jebreal gets ousted from "liberal" MSNBC
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, July 24 2014, 16:32:19 (UTC)
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I'm sure she was blowing smoke when she said she NEVER expected to find media bias in America! But she's right, of course. The question is why? Why should American media be so determined to give only an Israeli perspective? What's in it for them and what's in it and has been in it for every administration since the creation of Israel. Why? We know it can't be a sudden new-found love for Jews among American WASPS...just as racism never went away but only underground, anti-Jew sentiment is alive and well and yes, maybe even why should anyone of any entity in the United States be so heavily invested in Israel and in particular, supporting Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity...why?


Weapons sales are always we have a dog in the area to unleash whenever we need "uncertainty in the oil fields", that translates to hefty, instant profits, like billions in a few short weeks....then there is the advantage of keeping Arab nations at each others throats, which has kept them from putting their vast resources from competing in the West and instead building silly hotels and air-conditioned deserts instead...and there are sweetheart deals between arms manufacturers the Pentagon and Israel which allows them all to circumvent American is not love for Jews that drives this but the same thing that drives everything else....making money.


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