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Re: Rula Jebreal gets ousted from "liberal" MSNBC
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, July 24 2014, 16:18:14 (UTC)
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I saw her on Chris Hayes telling of how she'd been we really think there is no censorship in American media? Huh, really? To his credit Hayes brought her on and let her say her piece....Hayes, Maddow and others like them could be far more critical and incisive about American policies except they know it would cost them their space...even self-muzzled, as they are, they do good work....sure, they could be "true", and then, they'd be gone and we'd be left with only FOX and its clones.

The measure of who is what is that Hayes and Maddow would appear on FOX in a heartbeat to take any of that crew on...but no one from O'Reiley would EVER appear on Maddow or our own nationalists FOX only goes where it is protected or has the ability to edit...they know they can't hold their own in a free and open debate...just like Maggie and Aprim and Beth-Solomon know they can't...this little fact shows them for what they are...essentially, they lie, and need to go unchallenged or their "views" would completely collapse.


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