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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 8 2011, 23:49:31 (UTC)
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...can't bear to watch...the man is a liar, why would I listen to anything he says? As far as the judge goes, Rumsfeld would never have agreed to the interview if he didn't know ahead of time all that was going be asked...

...they still say, "Dems had the same intelligence Repubs did and they voted for the war"....I didn't hear the judge say something like, "remember Porter Goss...the man Bush picked for head of CIA who said himself that he was not qualified...and the people who said this was a bald faced move by Bush to put his own man in there so they could GET fake intelligence...and that this was what the torture was for, not to find out anything but to FORCE people to say anything, anything useful"....the judge is out of his league, softball questions that look tough.

And by the way...Sarah Palin's book was number one right away too...and we learned later that conservative think tanks bought tens of thousands of them to make it look like it was popular...and then they gave them away for a buck and half....who is really buying Rumsfeld's book...and why?


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