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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, March 9 2011, 6:45:02 (UTC)
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It's not hard for these people to sell books. Monica Lewinsky made over 45 million off book sales after the Clinton drama ended. As you said, Palin also sold books even though she didn't know Africa was a continent. I don't care much for the judge, who is a tea-party supporter, or any of these people on TV. If this judge posed any kind of challenge to his "opponents", he wouldn't have his own TV show. They talk about there is no free press in the Middle East, but we don't have it here either or else they wouldn't all be covering a story such as Anne Nicole Smith for over a month. American News shows are no different from Jerry Springer or Maury where the guests already know what is going to happen and they are only there for entertainment and that's all American news is also.

Jesse Ventura had a show on MSNBC few years ago but was taken off because of his views on the Iraq war. He still got his money from the Network but lost his show. I would have smoked Rusmfeld if he was on my show but that's also why i would never have one. One has to get a license to speak on TV in America or some kind of approval and these people criticize the Middle East which was turned backwards by the west and only recently became independent, but their installed puppets are still there. The judge also failed to mention that more Iraqis have died and became refugees in the last 7 years then under Saddam for 30 years. Iraqi lives have no value to these people and he can bullshit Americans all he wants to but the US didn't go to war with Iraq to help the people nor was there a threat against the US. Oh, I forgot, Israel made them do it. That tiny little ant made the giant do it.


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