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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 1 2017, 13:47:46 (UTC)
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Agreed. And let me tell you something else: the "Ghost Ship Collective", which burned downed in Oakland a few months back, and led to the awful death of 36 beautiful people, many of whom were LGBTQ artists, and were blamed on my photographer friend, since he was the master tenant, opened up the gates of hate and madness from Christians, who kept and keep writing to him, referring to him as "Lot" from the Bible story, praising him for what-the-fuck-I-don't-know!!! They say that "God" used him as a vehicle to destroy "the gays" in internal fire, and therefore he and his family are fine, because "God loves them and hates them gays!" and it was all "God's will", like the folks in the Holocaust film, "SHOAH"... Sickening!


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