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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, April 30 2017, 20:27:24 (UTC)
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...the true uses of religion; if you want people to do bad things, you need them to believe a god told them to...otherwise they wouldn't.

..what sane person would cut the living flesh from a baby boy's body, or a young girl's? one whom we would not lock up immediately.....but let even a father or mother believe it's god's will, and they'll do it and feel marvelously good about too and no police will come. fact, I think the more awful the thing is, we believe god wants us to do, the more eager we are to do it because just by the fact that we would agree to do what we know damn well is terrible, we feel "closer" to god...and we're correct, because god has done the most unimaginable things of all so that the more horrible your actions, the closer to godlike behavior you are.


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