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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 1 2017, 17:14:04 (UTC)
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...attempts to weaken public education, especially in the early years, is on the agenda for these people...they say they see a great revival of religious fervor, and they're right, but it is the fervor of desperation, of knowing they are losing and mad efforts to shore up their losses by, best of all, getting people like Devoss to increase public funding of Christian madrassass, run from basements and garages across the land....they see science education especially as a threat but any liberal arts education threatens them the same way because Reason is their enemy....but, they're on the wrong side of history...we're moving away from Bronze Age idol worship and they see it and they can't stand it...not that they really believe this crap but because of the people who pretend to believe or believe out of desperation and whose votes are there for the picking, if you appeal to their superstitions...Devoss could give a shit about education or's White Power and Money she believes in and it's these types of ignorant people she has to find votes her orange boss who has good reason to love the "poorly educated".

Funny, his followers didn't mind at all being called "uneducated", by Trump no less... but they bristled at being called "deplorable" by Hillary.


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