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Re: Saddam has been executed
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, January 3 2007, 0:32:51 (CET)
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Jeff wrote:
>Did anybody else get the sense that the hanging of Saddam was not justice, that his trial was a complete and utter farce, and that it was just an extension of the daily insanity that happens in Iraq, the raped country?
>Or am I just crazy? aren`t crazy....not for that at least. I had the same wave of sadness wash over me. Saddam had his reasons for hanging people...we have ours. What`s the difference? We tried the Japanese as war criminals and executed them, but if America had lost that war people like General Curtis LeMay, by his own addmission, would have been hanged as war many dictators has America supported and placed in power who`ve committed atrocities against their own people? Do we think the puppets in power now in Iraq won`t hang people left and right when it comes to maintaing their idea of "order"?

...not to mention the completely unjustified and also fabricated war against the Vietnamese people...who, by taking up arms to defend their homes became "enemies" and "terrorists"? That entire war was one big war crime that Saddam couldn`t come close to matching...who is kidding who?


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