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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, February 28 2011, 18:35:46 (UTC)
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the Vietnam War was NOT lost. Neither was Korea lost...nor all the warletes in Latin America...they were all won, gloriously won, by American warmongering weapons produces.

What the fuck did we think Eisenhower was warning us about the Military/Industrial complex for? Did he warn us about Communism...about Islam...about poor people...dark people...Martians....about any external enemies? No.

he warned us about US! About our newest capitalist enterprises that are among the best ways of making money we ever came up with...make lots of expensive and fancy and half-useless weapons and SELL them all over the world...but even that wasn't the core of his was that we, tricked and egged on by these same manufacturers and their political hacks, were going to CREATE the pretexts for wars....THAT was what he was really warning us about.

That's why he didn't just warn about the Industrial Complex, alone but the MILITARY as well....because they were going to fight these wars, and they were going to to be eager to fight them, against weaker states of course....what the hell would he warn us for if corporations made weapons and stored them underground...where would there be the threat to us in that?

He knew they needed to USE these weapons...and that politicians would find or manufacture reasons to go to war, or fund wars, preferably supplying both sides, like the Iran/Iraq war, after WE installed Khomeni.

For the love of all that's holy what's the ONE thing going on in America right now if not a redistribution of wealth UP. Wealth is all the rage, it's everything and anything that makes for more wealth, trees and air and water be damned, is to be pursued however and wherever....and that means war more than anything....perpetual war all the better...war against a billion and half Muslims scattered all over the world so much the better!

There isn't an analysis worth a damn until the analyst first sees and admits that these wars were NOT lost!


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