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Re: Same Sex Marriage
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, December 18 2011, 18:54:23 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
> you just like noise.
>Then don't listen!

....I don't. I just respond.
> I did not explicitly object or oppose that thing or the other.
>>...sure you did.

>I did not. Prove it.

....sure you did.
> and you consistently dodge the answer to your, apparently, single belief...that all religions are the same.
>All religions are not the same, but any religion is better than no religion.

....not true. Prove it.
> Anything "can be argued"...I'm not interested in that game.
>Why then do you reply?

...this conversation is being read by all the people who read here...I am only nominally talking to you...far more important is that we draw each other out so others can decide for long as there is some value to exposing your ideas, for the benefit of others, then I will respond. If you and I were in a room by ourselves I might say "good morning" to you...but not much else. are "useful" I use you.
> there is no law on the books right now defining marriage as only between a man and a woman
>" target="_blank"></a> (or) <a href="
> therefore there can be no loophole to a law that doesn't exist.
>Obviously you do not know what a loophole is. always comes to this..."you don't know". You haven't bothered to define the word yourself, and yet you say I don;t know what it give it a definition...go in for the kill, prove your point! Don't go running again...
> I'll simply ignore you
> or worse, insult you.
>Oh really? Go ahead!!! Let's have an idea about the quality of your character. Obviously you are a bully.

...obviously. That's why we afford you every opportunity to express your views...why you get as much respect as everyone else here, as much as I expect for myself...seems you don't know what "bully" means either.


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