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Re: "Saudi envoy plot suspect is MKO man"
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, October 18 2011, 14:55:40 (UTC)
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The MKO are not the only group situated in the region. There are also other groups that the US is either working with or trying to sponsor to spy on Iran. One of them being PJAK, the other arm of Qurdish PKK, who like the MKO, are on the TERROR LIST. But the US claims PJAK are not a terror group but "freedom fighters" in no way connected to their S.E. Turkey comrades, PKK. On the other end, Iran claims that these groups are indeed terrorists possibly involved in not only spying, but assassinating Iranian scientists. The sponsored groups are known to be trained by Mossad and the CIA, the same forces that trained the Shah's SAVAK decades earlier.


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