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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, October 29 2015, 17:26:53 (UTC)
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I've seen the Wild Bunch...I get its significance as apiece of film history...but as a

It might have to do with the ageing process...I've seen so many films that they're beginning to blur into one big FILM....and its characteristics are pretty thing for certain, I am tired of movie violence...I've watched hundreds of thousands of actors being killed, and killing....I've become more and more uncomfortable with killing-as-entertainment.

I walked out of the French Connection in the first five minutes when Santa turned violent....I get it; it's stark reality.

But stark reality also existed 10,000 years ago....and I'm glad we moved on and crated a new reality. Violence is still with us but at least we don't eat each other. America is an incredibly violent country...and we're infecting the world with our's spilling over and it runs the risk of ending us...which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

Entertainment doesn't always have to can shock and awe and shatter...but whatever point there was to infusing entertainment with violence has made, as far as I'm concerned....I don't need to have the message drummed further into my head.

One of the best films I ever saw, so good that it would be too painful to watch again, though the experience was transformative at the time is "Man Facing Southwest"...or maybe he's facing Southeast, or west...can't be sure now.

It had no violence and hardly a hint of sex...lovely and stirring and jarring and sad and poignant and and and...


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