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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, October 30 2015, 1:41:27 (UTC)
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It's "Man Facing Southeast", and I haven seen it. If I remember correctly, it was Chilean or Argentinian. I remember it was from the mid-1980's, or so. If you want to watch a simple, yet beautiful poetic film, watch, "Baran" by the Iranian filmmaker, Majid Majidi, about an Afghan refugee who breaks his leg at work on a construction site managed by an Azeri man his younger helper, an Azeri boy who at first makes hell for the Afghan worker's replacement, who is actually his daughter dressed as a boy, whom the Azeri helper later falls in love with when he finds out that she is indeed a girl. Sounds confusing... but it's an amazing film. I agree with you about violence in film. I rarely watch films with violence, and especially those with rape scenes. I got up and left a French film called, "Irreversible" during a ten or fifteen minute rape scene... it was utterly brutal!


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