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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 18:48:38 (UTC)
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Hitchens said Teresa was in love with poverty...not with poor people....with the idea of them learning to love it, as she did...of course they didnīt fly in private jets etc.

I especially liked Hitchenīs comments to a Catholic apologist that the Catholics were trying to cover up the fact that towards the end of her life the little Nazinun admitted to serious doubts that all the Jesus bullshit was real.

Among all the imponderables posed by religion, to a rational human mind, is how on earth we keep a straight face when we hear that someone has attained an "advanced degree" in theology....what is theology anyway but Voodoo spelled backwards? Why donīt we treat the fools who "study" this stuff with the contempt they deserve, not for wasting their time cataloguing how many elbows St Peter left behind in how many Cathedrals (and all from his left arm!...truly a miracle.)...but for wasting ours with their "diplomas".

itīs to cry.


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