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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 16:23:59 (UTC)
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Regarding religion: I think it was our old friend, Hitchens, who pointed out that the "saintly" Mother Teresa, while accepting blood funds from Rightist dictators (i.e., the Duvaliers "the butchers of Haiti" just to name one), neutralized the poor by instilling impotence within the desperate, ignorant minds of the impoverished for whom she "dedicated" her life in "good works", advocating that this is their lot in life chosen by God.... the more they suffer in the material world by the "uber-rich" (uber-reich), the most shall be their reward in the hereafter. I remember leaving Iran with just a small suitcase, crying over 'why' I couldn't take with me my toys to America. The response: Bruni, life in America is heaven compared to the hell of Iran... you shall be rewarded for the toys you leave behind once we reach "the land of the free".


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