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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 8:47:03 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>Who have absolutely no idea who is behind what goes on...Pathetic creatures!
>Maybe the Christians are?...
>You really should stop watching TeeVee...

...never forget that this forum allows you, or any other equally afflicted person, full freedom to say what you one here gets "insulted" by anything. In fact, to get insulted would be the greatest insult.'s always refreshing to have you here, proving how tolerant we non-Christians can be...considering we, and you, would be banned from any Christian forum. I've said several times; if you can ever put this forum to its correct use it might be worth engaging you...but since you adamantly refuse to put even your arse end to its proper use...we will wait.

...we always have hope. Until then, carry on.


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