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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Sunday, August 24 2014, 4:24:04 (UTC)
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You just reminded me of a video that a friend of mine posted just today (enjoy):

(Note: You do NOT need to log into Facebook to see this video)

- Jeffrey

pancho wrote:
>Who has the bloodier record? Who else....Christians. Reviewing the First World War alone you see unheard of atrocities being committed by Christian against Christian...millions killed, starved to death, hanged, gassed, set afire.
>Jon Stewart, in an effort to ridicule the notion that Shia and Sunni lived in peace referred to a history book which said that in 950 AD a Sunni and a Shia prince made peace and added that "that was the last time". Really? Since he was citing history why didn't look for some examples of Sunni/Shia wars and atrocities? Is it because they don't exist in that book, or any other? By now the media has so saturated us with lies that we think we know and accept anything we're told if it serves the national narative.
>No one in history has been bloodier and deadlier and more murderous than Christians. If that book HAD examples of Sunni/Shia atrocities Stewart would have cited them.
>Ans whatever ISIS does in Iraq pales next to what Americans have done there...we have summarily executed people, raped families and so what if we don't least ISIS didn't come 7,000 miles to attack New York....which we're now being told they MIGHT.
>In every instance where we point with horror at one someone has done to us, we can bet that it is in retaliation for the much worse we have done to THEM! You can even see that play out in Ferguson where conservative media is blaming Black Americans for what WHITES have done to them for 400 years.
>America's guiding philosophy is simple: Our shit don't stink.


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