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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Sunday, November 25 2007, 6:25:05 (CET)
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Of course there is no point in me asking you what language the ORIGINAL Qur'an was written in; and there is no point in asking you how the Othoman ordered the burning of ALL the versions of Qur'an, and left only ONE that he "liked"...

Let's skip all the stuff that we could argue about for years to no avail, and see how "pure" your THOUGHTS are about the Qur'an, to know how much "logic, "facts", and "common sense" you can come up with.

In the last post, I asked you a question. Since you so happily decided to skip it, I want to start with the same question... (there are many many more to come).

I said: "What an ignorant statement, that Always comes from Fools that have lost touch with reality...... (So we'll go to Jan'na and receive SEVEN VIRGINS, ha?) lol "

You replied: "Don't be foolish now, ok lol."

Why am I foolish? isn't that written in the Qur'an?

I know it's in the Sorat AL-WAQI'AH... And you know very well it is there... So Please don't make me waste my time just to find out and tell you where exactly it is written...

So, can you please explain with your "common sense", based on your "facts" and using your "logic" what that passage is all about?


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