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Re: Tehran Threatens to use Nuclear weapons on itself...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, November 15 2011, 19:56:12 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
>>If Iran drops a nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv Tehran will be devastated as well
>- That's a very long radius! It would encircle all entire Middle East including countries like Armenia, Turkey and Greece. It must be a pretty huge bomb! If they wanted to strike Israel, they will rather ensure that impact is contained within a limited geographical area.
>But will nuclear bombs act as an effective deterrent or will they further exacerbate the already tense situation? If the world acquiesced a nuclear Iran, wouldn't that pave the way for a regional nuclear proliferation? Is that the way to do it: give bombs to all rival sides and peace will come?

...proliferation? Does that mean that the United States can have ten million warheads and it isn't "proliferation" because no one else has any? matter what North Korea does the US will never attack it...hell we even feed their people because we need future enemies....if Saddam had nuclear weapons they never would have attacked...never.

Nuclear bombs have been an effective deterrent...the only thing that keeps European countries from continuing their wars against each other...and us from having wars with other nuclear powers...but we've decided kicking the shit out of weaker people is good business....Iran MUST have nuclear weapons if they want peace.

And no one makes a "limited" bomb...these suckers are 1000 times stronger than the ones dropped on Japan...I'll bet that if a country, or person, decided to hold the world hostage by demanding ten billion dollars to NOT set off a nuclear bomb, even on his own ass...the world would pay up quickly! No one wants these things let loose in the atmosphere...we might even knock the world off its one wants the debris, the slow death, the nuclear winter...the lucky ones would be those to die instantly.

North Korea thumbs its nose at the West, as Saddam could have, because it has nuclear weapons...and they know they can't use them in their region because it would just be suicide...but they might be willing to lob them our way if we threaten and attack them....though when push came to shove Saddam didn't use those infamous chemical/biological weapons he was SUPPOSED to come he only bombed his own people with them...why not Israel...why not let them loose on American troops?

No...the only ones insane enough to use those things against women and children were Muslim nation would dream of such a thing.


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