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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, November 15 2011, 8:43:43 (UTC)
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Not long ago I watched a documentary film about Israel in which a number of Jewish women living in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were complaining about how the Haredim men harass them on buses, calling them "whores", yelling at them to cover their hair and sit in the back of the bus separate from the men.

The Ultra-Orthodox have gained alot of power in the government since 9/11 with their unholy alliance with the American Evangelical Christian Zionists, who heavily fund and support them, because they want to bring about the "end times", so that Jesus will return playing a banjo.

The American Evangelical pastors are also the primary hateful force behind Uganda's new anti-homosexual laws, which carry long-term prison sentences and executions. And I don't favor one theocracy over another. But these people have nerve to condemn other religious systems, when they themselves are quite aware that their religious influence is the law and cause of the execution of homosexuals in Africa.

In my opinion, religion should be outlawed, not homosexuality.


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