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Re: Tehran Threatens to use Nuclear weapons on itself...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 18 2011, 5:05:23 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
> ...are we just worried about our precious selves? What about the planet? I don't see such a rosy future even if we get rid of every nuclear bomb...we're slowly killing ourselves anyway.
>Pls bear with me just one more time. So according to the above quotation, the following summarizes your line of reasoning:
>A. Nuclear bombs deter countries from attacking each other.

...they have so far...without them Germany, France and England, which have been at war for hundreds of years, would be at it still. I wish it wasn't so, but there you have it. It certainly isn't the fault of Islamic countries that we've come to this day...two world wars were brought to us by Christian countries...add nuclear weapons to the vast arsenal of weapons that Christian countries have accumulated and the Muslim world understands the dangers it faces...what should they do? Should they build aircraft carriers and B1 bombers and canons and battleships...or should they just invest in a few good sized nuclear bombs? remember, they didn't start this fight...we've forced it on them...we are the bullies of the block against whom weaker people have to defend whatever means possible. If we don;t like it then it's up to us to remove the threats we pose to them...not up to them to disarm themselves and allow themselves to be bullied any way we want.
>B. We do not have a rosy future even if we get rid of all nuclear bombs.
>C. If every country has a nuclear bomb, the likelihood of a nuclear warfare in the future will increase.

...that hasn't been the case so far...and I doubt it ever will be...they're very impractical may kill your enemy but you'll devastate yourself as well.
>CONCLUSION: Since B = C (i.e. we'll die anyway), it follows that all should have nuclear bombs.
>Is that it?

...yes. But I say again that this is not what smaller and weaker countries have wanted...they did not invent these weapons and they did use them and they did not produce overkill 1000 times over....what are they supposed to do? If you believe that countries with nuclear weapons will use them...which countries are you talking about? Right now the only Muslim nation that has them is Pakistan. Muslim nations are not the threat...they never were...they have started no wars in over 200 years...they have not sailed thousands of miles from home to attack others...they have minded their own business and seen themselves played with by the West...and they're tired of it...since the United States only understand force, Muslims have to quickly even up the sides...what better way than with nuclear weapons...if we don't like it then it is up to US to end this thing...the bully has to stop, the bullied don;t control the situation...all they can do is submit, or arm themselves.

...what other choice is there?


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