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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, November 15 2011, 7:06:19 (UTC)
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This week in Israel a couple of bills which seem likely to pass into laws have got the progressive and liberal Israelis pretty nervous. One has to do with getting a conservative, settler-friendly judge in the position of the president of their supreme court. The other is to put an end to the funding of Human Rights NGOs like B'tselem, who document on film the various crimes and atrocities perpetrated by the settler Haredim against the Palestinians.

The Haredim are the Talibs of Israel, who's lifestyles are funded by our tax dollars, and who wield massive influence in the Knesset. If they gain anymore power, Israeli women may be treated like women in Saudi Arabia. Just read Gideon Levi's piece I posted. Israelis used to be a very progressive, open and hip group of people before these religious right-wing assholes landed from Russia and New York, and began retarding their society and culture.


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